Cindy & Martin


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The day we met

They say Love at first sight isn’t real and it’s all just a tale. Well let me tell you why I think they got it all wrong.

I met the Love of my life on a “boys” trip to Palm Springs, CA. At the time thinking of having a relaxing, fun time I never expected that trip would change my life- for the better.

It all started by hanging out by the pool, sipping on some drinks and a small “tequila” introduction. Our first interaction was almost picture perfect and couldn’t have been written better in a fairy tale. That night was one of the most memorable nights of my life that included, dinner, dancing at the club, back in the pool at 3 AM (in our club attire) and wrapping up the night talking on the hotel stairs until 5 AM. I still remember like it was yesterday; a night of fun, laughter, chemistry, vulnerable conversations and a true connection.

Fast forward to 3 amazing years later we have been inseparable since. We have and amazing family with our 18 month old Jasmine and son Jacob. It’s been a true blessing.

I truly believe there is your true life time partner out in the universe and Cindy and I met out of fate. As I am the luckiest man in the world and grateful that our stars aligned and God chose our paths to be crossed.




The proposal was perfect, it was definitely a surprise and I was completely caught off guard (which is hard to do).

It happened while we were on a 4 night cruise to the Bahamas and Cuba. The week before we left on our cruise I had a friend tell me he's probably going to propose. I thought about it for a second maybe even a minute but I figured there is no way he can pull it off by himself, overseas, on a cruise ship or in a foreign location. He would want friends and family around and someone to capture the moment. So I didn't give it a second thought.

The morning we arrived to Cuba I was so excited. I got ready and on my way out he asked me to carry this huge beach bag, I said no and somehow I ended up carrying the bag. He then put on a sweater and I asked him why he's wearing a sweater in 90 degree weather with high humidity? He put on his hoodie and said it might rain...again too excited to argue. I said fine but I knew that sweater was going to end up in my bag (That was clue number 1). Upon getting through customs I immediately began to take in the scenery and started taking pictures. Martin was always two steps behind me, I thought it was odd but whatever, again too excited to care (Clue number 2).  After a nice cup of Cuban coffee and a few pictures we met our tour guide. Our tour guide was so happy to see Martin they greeted each other with a hug and laughter and before I knew it they were walking arm in arm. For those of you that know Martin this is not something new, he makes friends everywhere but the immediate bond did seem strange to me (Clue number 3).  

We began our tour and arrived to our first location "The Christ of Havana", the tallest statue ever built by a woman. We proceeded to have our pictures taken by a local photographer by the name of Fidel Castro. He asked us to take creative poses with the statue and in one of those poses he asked us to hold hands, as I reached out for his hand Martin started to kneel. I though he was about to pick me up on a ledge for a picture. As I started to ask him to please get up and just take the picture he kept kneeling and it wasn't until this little box made it’s way from behind his back that I realized he's proposing. In that moment everything stopped, I immediately started to tear up. I was in shock, completely overjoyed because in that moment I knew I was saying yes to sharing the rest of my life with the most amazing man that has ever walked into my life. We were fortunate enough to have Fidel Castro capture this moment and some kind stranger took additional pictures.

This is a long story I know but there’s more. Martin contacted the tour guide and made arrangements for him to propose at Hotel Nacional. As we arrived to our first stop the tour guide asked Martin to please not propose at The Christ of Havana because all the preparations had been made at Hotel Nacional. Of course Martin made his own decision and chose to propose at the perfect time. Never mind that our tour guide was in the back yelling no as Martin started kneeling.

So yup this is the short version and I hope you enjoyed it. In a nutshell the love of my life asked me to marry him in front of God, Fidel Castro and a tour guide who was yelling no in the background.  Now, that I can't make up even if I tried.